Sunday, June 12, 2011

Your Recipe, My Kitchen

This is The Secret Recipe Club week, so my contribution to this feature will be included among the links on Monday.  This month, I was assigned Fallon's Cucina and I made her maple pecan granola.  What a great granola recipe! Eat it with yogurt or as a cold cereal.

What did you make this week?


Angie A said...

:) Hello Kristen! I hope the weekend has treated you well. So I accidently linked what I linked last week (the meatloaf) and i cant figure out how to delete it! :) Silly me!
Thank you for hosting and I cant wait to see your secret recipe club post! I will be featuring one on my blog tomorrow to!

Drick said...

I did not make granola.... but the pecan sounds good, might have to think about replacing the maple with something southern, like cane

Comfy Cook said...

Hi, I am sorry. I did not realize you closed the linky and I had my recipes waiting but I am late this week. Next week, hopefully, I will be more organized.

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