Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cookbook Review: Bacon, a love story

Bacon: A Love Story: A Salty Survey of Everybody's Favorite Meat (Hardcover)
Not wanting to do anything by halves, when I decided to start a cookbook review feature on Wednesdays, I went to the library and came home with a pile of cookbooks so heavy I could hardly carry them all at once. On top of that, I put so many other cookbooks on hold that I will have posts through the end of the year! What I didn't realize, though, was how much I would learn in the process.

Case in point. Today's review is the book Bacon, a love story by Heather Lauer, published by William Morrow. Although bacon is one of my favorite foods, I had no idea that there is an entire subculture filled with bacon devotees. These are people who eat bacon every single day. These are people who have bacon chachka all over their house (forgive the mix of Yiddish and pork, please). They dream in bold colorful bacon.

Did you know there are blogs that talk only of bacon? Check out, or the author's own if you don't believe me. It's unbelievable!

So. Back to the book. It wasn't as much a cookbook (it only contains about 25 recipes) as a book about the history and social importance of bacon. There is a chapter devoted to the crispy versus chewy bacon eaters. There is another chapter containing various ways bacon has influenced our culture, from songs and movies to restaurants and closet bacon eaters. Really, this book contains everything you ever wanted or didn't want to know about bacon. My only real complaint was the very brief and off-handed way the author treated nitrites and nitrates.

As for the recipes, have you ever tried bacon ice cream or brownies? Maybe you haven't considered putting bacon in your stroganoff or quesadillas? This book covers the usual bacon and eggs (in omelet and pizza form) but also suggests snacks like bacon wrapped tater tots or hot dogs.

If you don't feel like you know your bacon well enough, or you are a closet bacon eater and want to come out, this is the book for you. It will arm you with enough bacon information to fulfill your wildest bacon dreams. It's also a quick and entertaining read.

Note: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are mine.


katerina said...

Great review as always Kristen. Have a nice day!

Kate said...

Fascinating! Isn't it amazing what foods have a cult following? I love bacon but daily - no way :-) Just an fyi on Chopped last night the winning chef made a sauce - in the blender - with mangoes and bacon... They absolutely raved about it. Kateiscooking

Belinda said...

I might have to pick this one up...but will need a heck of a lot of bacon by my side so I won't eat the book.

Joanne said...

Whoa this sounds like one awesome book for the bacon fiends among us (ahem me)! I love your book reviews. Keep em coming!

Emily Malloy said...

I would chalk up a book like this to a steamy romance novel with Fabio on front.


A Year on the Grill said...

Happy Thanksgiving.cook up a storm!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this review..i love it. happy thanksgiving!

Mother Rimmy said...

I love this. I recently made maple and bacon cupcakes. Like you, I had no idea there was such a culture around bacon. The cupcakes are sold at a local bakery so I had to give them a try myself. Food Network even has a chocolate covered bacon!

Claudia said...

Oh how fun - I am also doing cookbook reviews on Wednesdays! I know their are blogs devoted tobacon - everything is devoted to bacon these days - we all know it's allure! Love that there are cookbooks devoted to it and if you have love salty with sweet - bacon is a key ingredient in some desserts!

Alina said...

I am officially hooked on your cookbook reviews. You write with such a real voice. Looking forward to next Wednesday!

-the constant hunger

The Food Hunter said...

Great review...This is going to make the perfect gift for my friend

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