Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

I am happy to report that there is more than weeds in my garden (though apparently I definitely have some of those!)

The broccoli is doing really well.  The cauliflower is less enthusiastic this year.

The herbs bounced back from a dry fall.  I love having perennial herbs.  The rosemary, of course, loves Arizona. 

The soaker hoses we have throughout the garden really do the trick in this dry climate.  Our onions are very content.  The spinach is holding its own, too.

The wind blows constantly from April to June.  It literally zaps the plants of moisture.  To combat it, the tomato plants are covered with bottomless milk jugs.  They also act as mini green houses and protect the tender plants from the cold (although we should be past the point of freak freezes).

The pea trellis moves around the garden each year.  It is held in place with stakes.  After we harvest the peas, we will plant the pole beans which will also enjoy the metal climbing wall.

Can you see the beets?  They are not very big, but are there nonetheless.  The carrots just went in the ground a week ago, the peppers are still waiting patiently on the table in the family room, as are the squash seeds.  This year's biggest culprit have been the quail.  They removed three tomato plants within an hour of planting (those unlucky plants didn't have milk jug covers) and ate all the lettuce.  My older boys have recently asked how quail tastes.  I think they may be planning some unauthorized snares.


Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Good job - I so wish I had the room for a veggie garden!

Christy said...

Your garden looks great. It has been too wet on the days I could have put mine in.

Molly said...

Quail is white meat. tastes like chicken. Tell em go for it.... you gotta protect your crops.....too bad we cant eat mole crickets, they are devouring my tomato plants at the roots.....

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