Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some of the best tips come from bloggers

Periodically, I come across a tip that changes my life for the good.  Some make life easier, while others save me money. 

Here are a few that I have encorporated into my own household routines.

1.Save the bags inside cereal boxes. They are stronger than zip-loc bags and work great for crushing crackers or for holding coatings for meat (think shake and bake).

2.Shake your towels out as you move them from the washer to the dryer. It will help them dry faster. Really.

3.Signs taped all over the house in strategic places help you nag your kids less. is a great way to watch television online for free. is the search engine that pays. Although it doesn't seem to have the great parental controls that Google does and I don't get as many results, having the swagbuck toolbar at the top of my screen enables me to earn at least 2 “bucks” a day.

6.Put rubber bands around a cold or slippery glass to prevent kids from dropping it.

7.Bar soap is a great tool to mark pieces that you are sewing. It disappears when the garment is washed.
It's also great for lubricating stuck things like drawers, hinges, and pepper grinders.
What's the best tip you have ever found?


Akannie said...

Hey, Kristen...

This is one of the best and most amazing (to takes so little to amuse and amaze me these

Dish soap. Put half the bottle of dish soap into another dish soap bottle. Add 2 tbsp. table salt to each bottle and fill with hot water. Shake like crazy! It thickens up and gels and makes 2-for-1 !!!

Does this count-since it isn't a food tip, but rather a kitchen tip?? lol

Love your blog...

Beth said...

Great ideas, never thought of them and seem so sensible... Thank you for the post!!!

Mom2fur said...

I don't know that it's the best, but it's one I love: save the plastic tags from bread loaves. Then put them on the ends of any rolls of tape you have. You know how tape sticks to itself and you can never get it unstuck without a hassle? The little tag will prevent this. Just keep moving it back as you use the tape and you will never struggle to find the end again!

A Year on the Grill said...

Kiss your wife every morning... no matter what

Meghan said...

These are all great tips. I think I do all of them except Swagbucks. I keep hearing great things about it, but still haven't tried yet. I do use mypoints though and like that.

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