Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Well Supplied First Aid Cupboard Works for Me

Last Thursday, I did a random post for the Thursday 13 meme and received some comments that got me thinking. I mentioned 13 things in my medicine cabinet. These weren't my big medicine supplies, these were just some things I had in the mirrored cabinet in my master bathroom. Some of the comments said I was well prepared. I thought I'd do a post on my real medicine supplies.

For fevers, I have infant, junior chewable and adult strength tylenol and ibuprofin. Alternating the two fights fevers better than either by themselves. I also have some tylenol pm to help my older family members at night when they are sick.
For headaches, I have aspirin and excedrin. Sometimes caffeine helps headaches better than plain aspirin.
For allergies, I have claritin, breathe right nasal strips, cortisone for hives, and benedryl in liquid and tablet form.
For sore throats, I have lozenges and cough drops, plus sore throat spray.
I have calamine lotion and meat tenderizer for bug bites.
I have hydrogen peroxide, bactine spray, neosporin, bandaids of all styles and sizes, gauze and 1st aid tape for wounds. There are also some ace bandages, splints, slings and a heating pad for other injuries.
I have pepto bismal and tums for sour tummies.
I still buy real sudafed (with photo id!) and have vicks vapor rub for stuffy noses.
For burns, I have aloe and lavender essential oil.
Other supplies I have are a cool mist vaporizer, a digital thermometer, an otoscope for looking in ears...I can recognize an ear infection with great accuracy now, tweezers and needles for slivers, salt for mouth sores (gargling in warm salt water is a great cure) and ice packs in the freezer.
When someone suddenly gets sick, we are always ready. Often it's bedtime when a sad boy comes knocking on my door complaining of some malady. There is no time to rush off to the store and buy a remedy. Croupy coughs, skinned knees, hives; we have seen them all. Being prepared keeps me from panicking and a calm mom means calmer kids.
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Meredith said...

I'm generally considered the prepared person in my family. On trips, I'm the one with five different types of Band-Aids, calamine lotion, etc.

But compared to your preparedness...well, let's just say, I'm more of a first aid station while you're a hospital!

I'm definitely impressed!

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