Wednesday, January 28, 2009

13 Unusual Bean Recipes ~ Desserts?!

I had a lot of fun finding this week's 13: Baked Bean Desserts! Betcha didn't know there were actually that many. I have linked each one to the recipe. I have only tried one or two, so I am not endorsing, just informing.
1. Spicy Bean Cake
2. Citrus Bean Cake (1 & 2 are variations of the same recipe and are found at the same site)
3. Pinto Bean Pie (like a mock pecan pie)
4. Pinto Bean Fudge
5. Black Bean Brownies
6. Pork & Beans Cake (I am not sure this sounds very good)
7. Garbanzo Bean Chocolate Cake (GF)
8. Butter Bean Custard Pie (mock pumpkin pie)
9. Cherokee Bean Bread (a quick bread)
10. Pinto Bean Bread (a yeast bread)
11. Oatmeal and Bean Raisin Cookies
12. Breakfast Bean Cookies
13. Bean Maple-nut Candy

If you decide to try any of these, be sure to come back and tell me about it. I am very curious!

Enjoy more thirteens here.


Glenda said...

I'm thinking that if we try these recipes, we had better have some beano on hand! I have tried the black bean brownies, and they are very good!

Alice Audrey said...

I thought it was going to be all Japanese stuff. They get into a lot of sweet bean foods.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I have had pinto bean cake and it was good never knew there were so many either

Ornery's Wife said...

awesome list. who knew? Happy TT!

Adelle said...

Sorry, but EWWWWWWW!!! lol No thank you. Happy T13!

Brenda ND said...

These sound interesting. Happy TT!

FickleMinded said...

wow! that's a lot of beans! :)

Michelle said...

Bean Cake? Sounds interesting. I had no idea there were desserts that included beans. Wow. What a neat idea for your TT. Thanks for sharing.

Tink said...

I like beans, but these are unusual indeed... Might try some though! :)
Thanks for visiting my meme TT!

CountryDew said...

Great ideas for the Superbowl!

kandyblossom said...

Interesting. Can't say though that I will be rushing to the store to buy ingredients for these. LOL.

Happy TT!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Wow! I had no idea there were this many things. We eat a lot of beans, usually black beans but.... Thanks for sharing!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

WHOA! Who knew so many bean recipe's existed? Make sure to have plenty of Beano for after! (I had to, couldn't resist)

Sue said...

I never thought of beans and dessert together. The picture of the brownies looks good. Others here said they were. Maybe I'll try them sometime.

jenn said...

Pinto bean fudge and brownies? Not too sure about those.
Happy tt!

janetfaye said...

I love beans. I will have to try some of these, thanks!

The Paperback Diva said...

Good lord! Who thinks up these things? I'm not sure I'd try them all. But it's interesting.

Nicholas said...

I'm not sure about all of them, but some of those are very intriguing!

forgetfulone said...

How unique! bean desserts - Who'da thought? Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Karen said...

What an unusual and fascinating list. I love the uniqueness but just not sure if bean desserts appeal to my senses. Hubby would love them though so maybe I might try one or two.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jen in SLO said...

I found your blog through "It Must Have Been Something I Ate." Even though it's very late, I thought I'd comment.

I made the breakfast bean cookies, and they are amazing. Much better than plain oatmeal cookies. There were some tweaks, but the bean part stayed the same.

I think I'll have to try some more of these!

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